Web Based Leave Management System for University College of Jaffna

In the existing Leave Management System, University College follows paper-based procedure to maintain leave of employee and administration department record those leave information in a record book. At the end of each month, the administration department calculates the leaves of every employee, which is a time-consuming process, and there are chances of losing data. The Web-based Leave Management System is an intranet-based application that can be accessed throughout the college. At anytime and anywhere, an employee can apply for their leave efficiently using this application. There is no necessity for manual filling of leave forms and wait to get higher authorities’ approval. The Admin is responsible for creating, updating and deleting the details of the user and creating department and leave types. Also, Admin can generate leave reports of all employees. In the employee role, the employee can apply for leave and view the previous leave applied. Head of Department (HOD) can accept /reject leave applications of their department employees through this system and can view leave details of every member of their department. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a higher authority person in the college. The CEO can view all employee leave details, accept/reject leave applications of HODs, and generate leave reports. Thus, this system can be used to automate the workflow of leave request and their approval process. Web-based Leave Management System will reduce manual work, and it helps to maintain leave-records efficiently.