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Journal of Research Technology & Engineering

The Journal of Research Technology and Engineering (JRTE) is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal, covering all areas of research fields that apply to the science and engineering communities. JRTE aims to promote rapid communication and dialogue among researchers, scientists, and engineers working in the areas of energy and environment, telecommunication and networking, modeling and simulation, scientific backgrounds, food science, polymer science etc. The journal provides a focus for activities concerning the development, assessment and management of scientific programs. The emphasis is placed on original research, both analytical and experimental, which is of permanent interest to engineers and scientists, covering all aspects of engineering and technology. It is hoped that this journal will prove to be an important factor in raising the standards of discussion, analyses, and evaluations. All manuscripts with significant research results in the areas of technology and engineering and their application are welcome.


Types of Papers

The Journal of Research Technology and Engineering (JRTE) accepts research papers and review papers.

Research Papers: A research paper presents the results of investigations on a relevant subject matter. Guide for Authors should be followed.

Review Papers: A review paper succinctly reviews recent progress on a specific subject of active research. It should summarize the current state of knowledge of the topic by discussing the findings presented in recent research papers. Guide for Authors should be followed.

All manuscripts are reviewed by an editor and members of the editorial board or qualified outside reviewers. As soon as we receive an article, the editorial office will pre-screen your manuscript. The officer will check whether the manuscript is valid and language is fluent and necessary factors are all included. The editor reserves the right to return manuscripts that do not conform to the instructions for manuscript preparation and artwork instruction, as well as papers that do not fit the scope of the journal, prior to refereeing. Following is a formal review process accomplished by other official reviewers. Taking care of the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief then decides whether the particular article may be accepted as it is, or it may be revised or rejected. It should be noted that our refereeing process, common to many other publishers, is single-blind, that is, the referees remain anonymous and their identities are not released to authors. The referees, however, are informed of the authors’ names and affiliations. All submitted papers will be reviewed in about 4 ~ 6 weeks.

Open Access provides free, unrestricted online access to the scholarly literature to anyone in the world. At JRTE, we are convinced that everyone – not only scientists – can benefit from research results, and we publish all our articles exclusively under open access distribution. Readers have the right to use, distribute, and reproduce in any medium, provided the source is properly cited.

The publication cost for Journal of Research Technology and Engineering (JRTE) are covered by JRTE, so authors do not need to pay an article-processing charge. All articles will be published in full color in both online and printed versions free of charge. The authors do not pay any kind of publication fees, registration fees, or subscription fees. There are no any hidden fees.