Recent developments of non-dairy based probiotics – A mini review

Now a days, probiotic enriched functional food has a growing attention due to its health benefits. Probiotics are healthy live microorganisms that are readily available in human gut system in minor quantity. Intake of adequate amount of probiotics provides beneficial effect on the human health. Even though probiotic products are commonly marketed in the form of fermented dairy products, consumer awareness has recently grown towards the non-dairy based probiotic products basically due to increase of lactose intolerance, vegetarism and the ability of non-dairy based matrixes to maintenance the health. Therefore consumers are looking for healthy probiotic counterparts by replacing dairy bases. Lactobacillus spp and Bifidobacterium spp arethe predominant and frequently use probiotic microorganism species for formulating non-dairy based probiotic food matrixes. Due to specific flavour, texture, refreshing nature and gut stability, the demand for non-dairy based probiotic products has rapidly increased. Therefore, focus of the development of non-dairy based probiotics including vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat, bakeryproduces and confectioneries are crucial. The present paper reviews the potential applications of non-dairy base food matrixes as probiotic counterparts and the characteristics that enable the use of these food matrixes as potential carriers of probiotic