Solid Waste Management in Textile Industry

Textile is one of the primary needs of human beings in the modern world. The Textile industry has a vast production capacity across the globe. Regarding the production capacity, it generates a considerable amount of solid waste. Under sustainable development, most textile industries pay attention to implementing a proper waste management system. The importance of reducing, reusing, recycling, and managing waste is motivated by the increasing cost and decreasing availability of dumping areas, and the diminishing of natural resources. The central government imposes several regulations, protocols, and structures to guide the process of textile industries towards being environmentally friendly. Most textile industries worldwide tend to establish a sustainable development department to implement the waste management process. But the main barriers to managing wastes are lack of technology, lack of equipment, and lack of consumer awareness about recycled and upcycled products. It is essential to give knowledge to consumers about the value of buying recycled and upcycled products. It will help ensure a good market for these products and motivate textile industries to manage their waste correctly.