Development of automated systems for the implementation of food

Food and beverage are the main requirements of humans and animals. The more significant population of the world leads to an increase in the necessity of food and beverage. The food industry has a high responsibility to fulfil and satisfy the customer needs and wants with achieving nutrition properties of foods, food security, and safety. According to the current situation, automated systems are urgent in the food industry to carry out food production with maximum accuracy and efficiency and maintain the required quality control of the product. It is generally referred to the science and technology. The use of automation systems in the modern food industry has increased in recent times. Many food industries have already introduced an automated system with high technology into their production line, from raw material selection to serving. The primary aim of the computerized system used for the industry is to carry out the process with maximum accuracy and efficiency. Therefore can be realized more advantages than the use of manual techniques for the food industry. This paper included brief information about the importance of automation systems in the food processing industry, focusing on automation tools.