Implementation of the iQR smart attendance system

As smartphones become much more popular and preferred in the modern world, university traditional attendance marking systems can also be digitalized through smartphones. Attendance marking can be somewhat troublesome in some manner, but it is imperative in a university environment. Quick Response code-based solution is the most productive and cost-efficient alternative solution for every existing attendance marking methodologies available right now. The Quick Response code-based attendance systems’ basic approach displays a Quick response code on a screen and lets students scan it using a proper device to mark their attendance. This way, the proposed methodology eliminates most of the practical issues that have to be faced in existing university attendance systems and improves productivity by automating the overall process. Particular universities or any higher educational institute can gain a significant amount of benefits through a QR-based approach as for its nature. This paper discusses existing attendance systems with their known issues, shortcomings of current QR-based practices, and the novelty of the proposed IQR Smart Attendance System with its methodology.