Nanofertilizers: A Novel Approach Towards a Sustainable Agriculture

Application of nanotechnology and nanoscience in agriculture, improving the use efficiency of essential fertilizer nutrients to crops and enhancing crop security for agriculture’s long-term sustainability. These novel fertilizers can help in obtaining higher crop yields per unit landmass. Hence, product quality can also be improved with enhanced nutrient contents and shelf life. On the other hand, the studies showing that nanoparticles can be used to enhance plant growth, many studies report on the negative impacts of nanoparticles on higher plants and the environment. Therefore, new prospects for integrating nanotechnologies into fertilizers should be explored, cognizant of any potential risk to the environment or human health. This chapter aims to highlight recent attempts taken for the intervention of nanotechnologies in the area of fertilizers and plant nutrition. We hope that nanotechnology will be transformative in the agricultural field with government and researchers’ dedicated efforts to develop active Nano fertilizers.