Carbon Footprint Analysis: Promoting Sustainable Development

An overview of the carbon footprint analysis indicates a measure of sustainability in various countries. Their carbon footprint values, carbon emission in MtCO2, carbon per capita emissions used to identify their sustainability patterns by comparatively observing the world’s top rank countries, and their root causes. The greenhouse gas reduction has become a key concept in the global contest because the carbon footprint values are different from one country to another. China, European countries, the United States like developed countries have a responsibility for more carbon emission rather than developing countries. India also has large CO2 emission due to a larger population, likewise, the countries and their values and the certain causes for that have described thoroughly in further topics in this paper. The carbon footprint is one of the most important “climate change” environmental sustainable manner indicators. That used as an evaluation tool to measure environmental impacts. How the climate changes are happening, what are the causes for that and what are the existence impacts and how we interpret the future risk according to the carbon footprint value of certain nations have been discussed in this paper.