A Systematic Literature Review of Internet of Things Applications in Agriculture

The digital divide between agricultural farmers and IOT technology has narrowed in recent years. In the future, these technologies will allow for increased production via sustainable food growing, as well as environmental protection through effective water usage and input and treatment optimization. IOT technology enables the creation of systems that assist various agricultural activities. Remote monitoring systems, decision support tools, automated irrigation systems, frost protection systems, and fertilization systems are examples of these systems. Given the above facts, it is critical to offer farmers and researchers a comprehensive picture of IOT applications in agriculture. In this regard, this paper gives a thorough evaluation of the literature on IOT-based tools and applications for agriculture. The goal of this paper is to provide an overview of IOT applications in agriculture by discussing topics such as IOT-based software applications for agriculture that are currently available on the market, IOT-based devices used in agriculture, and the benefits provided by these types of technologies.