Review on the Development of Nanomaterials from Sri Lankan Natural Resources as a value addition

Sri Lanka is a most amazing islands, which is geographically rich in natural resources. The gemstone, mineral sands (ilmenite, Rutile), Apatite, silica sand, dolomite, Graphite are some of the precious natural minerals found in Sri Lanka. Most industries use natural resources as raw materials & manmade materials. But the inimical side of this occurrence is these natural minerals resources are mined from their natural form and consumed without the addition of value. In recent days, Sri Lankan Government & Private Sectors have drawn their attention towards focusing on Nano-technology development using the natural resources found in the country. These Nanotechnological developments are visible enough to change the monotonous direction of the technological advancements and also lead to value addition to the valuable natural resources found in Sri Lanka. Therefore, Sri Lanka has a high potential for the development of nanomaterials from natural resources as a value addition. It can use minimize the problem related to the raw materials in most industries. As well as Sri Lanka can earn additional income import that nanomaterials to need countries. This paper examines the latest scientific research on the application of Sri Lankan natural resources development of nanomaterials as value addition.