Development of an organic fertilizer instant-cube with pest repellent efficacy (FERTIPEST)

Besides the conventional organic fertilizer production for agricultural purposes, an instant organic fertilizer
cube with pest repellent efficacy is designed. Optimization of the organic fertilizer absorbing time for the farming crop is achieved as a mixture of several ingredients. In this new method, organic fertilizer develops by using several food wastes and readily available plant leaves to enhance the nutrient content. Most of the raw materials, such as cow bone, tea dust, banana peel, and eggshell, are the waste product of food industries. At the same time, neem, Gliricidia and pine needles are readily available in the environment. The raw materials are blended to reduce particle size and mixed to produce instant fertilizer cubes with all required ingredients for agriculture. The neem leaves and seeds, and pine needles act as a pest repellent agent for developed fertilizer. Therefore, the additional pesticide is not required for the agricultural lands when applying FERTIPEST for plantations. The product has no foul odour as it is well mixed and developed in an optimized ratio to fulfil all required nutrient levels. The FERTIPEST is produced and finished as a handy cubical, around 1 inch of dimensions for easy handling and storing. Therefore, it can easily use for any indoor plantation as well.