The Review Of Innovation In Renewable Energy Sector In The World

There is significant damage to the world due to the continually increasing population and the resources that prefer instead of renewable energy resources. Due to the usage of non – renewable energy sources for many years, harmful environmental impacts happen, such as air pollution, climate change, and decay of natural resources. By using renewable energy sources, there is the least harm to the ecology. With the rising of the human population and energy demand, we have to use the new technologies and improvements in the renewable energy field to fulfill the global energy demand and increase energy efficiency. The innovation in renewable sources will grow the trend towards renewable energy at the right rate. Due to the change of the environment’s nature, the desired lifestyle, and the inability of resources, people worldwide have to use innovation in the renewable energy sector to obtain maximum efficiency and less environmental pollution. This study mainly focuses on hydro, solar, wind, ocean, geothermal, and biomass as renewable energy resources and discusses innovation, improvements, and future view of renewable energy technologies.