Sugar Production Process in Sri Lanka

    Abstract—There are varies type of industries are working all over the world for creating varies types of products. The sugar industry is one of the industries in which possess to food industry category. As a raw material of the sugar industry, it can be either sugar cane or sugar beet. However, in the tropical region, sugar cane is the most viable option. Availability of the land, soil, raw materials, climate, and other factors are the main things to develop the sugar industry. When using sugar cane in sugar industry sugar is not the only product there are few by-products that can be produced. Power can be cogenerated using bagasse, Ethanol and animal foods can be created using molasses and the rest of the waste (filter cake) can be used as a fertilizer for sugar cane. When it comes entire process of the sugar industry if sugar industry in a position to be used modern and well efficiency techniques to extract sugar,economic support which comes from sugar industry can be maximized not only that environmental impact caused can be minimized because every single of waste can be used as other products in sugar industry not only that the amount of the product can also be increased. The sugar manufacturing process, environmental pollution, waste minimization , process optimization is discussed with recommendations for further implementation.