The tea industry is found as a major partner for more than a century in Sri Lanka’s economy. The tea industry serves as our country’s forex and source and employment. However, looking at the statistics from a few years ago, the tea industry’s contribution is said to be flawed. But, when you look at the past years, you can see gradual improvements. Moreover, Sri Lankan tea has a unique place in the global market. Sri Lanka has to resort to various strategies and policies in order to maintain its position in the global marketplace. Therefore, the problems faced by the tea industry can be solved and the development of the Sri Lankan tea industry can be intensified while incorporating sophisticated technologies. In view of the difficulties faced by the tea industry in Sri Lanka, the planting rate is low, productivity is low, tea growing land is stagnant or shrinking, production is high and labour shortage is high. This is due to fluctuations in exports and production in the tea industry. Finally, some strategies are proposed to improve the competitiveness of Sri Lanka in the global tea industry and the role of the tea industry in the Sri Lankan economy and other aspects of the tea industry, such as location and other factors, raw material availability and demand.