Implementation of Alternative Fuel sources for Industrial Boilers

Mainly this research paper investigates some main points on industrial boilers and their categories, main functions, fuel types and industrial boiler-related air pollution issues. During the combustion, many gases are emitted by these boilers. Because of fossil and non-fossil type fuels, the emission of gases can be changed. NOx, SOx, hydrocarbons, CO and CO2 are some of the polluted gases which add to the atmosphere because of these industrial boilers. This air pollution results from many health issues and environmental impacts, such as global warming and acid rain. But as a technologist, we all can innovate new ideas and techniques which are not caused to ecological issues. We can use alternative fuels such as waste wood, waste liquids, refinery oil gasses, biogas, trash, excess hydrogen, Coke Oven Gas (COG), and Blast Furnace Gas (BFG), which is very useful for reducing air pollution. So, this report mainly concludes with the Implementation of alternative fuel sources to reduce air pollution in Industrial Boilers.