Development of an Organic Fertilizer

    Waste management has become a prominent topic as waste is a burning dispute in the modern world. There will be so many social and environmental issues if the generated waste is not managed properly. There are so many valuable compounds mixed with this waste that can be effectively used in a more beneficial and profitable way. The preparation of organic fertilizer by utilizing those valuable compounds will create a solution to reduce the harmful effects on waste and the effects occurred by using chemical fertilizers as well. Underused waste which are used to prepare this fertilizer contains the nutrients which plant required for their growth. In this research, paddy is focused as it is one of the major crops in Sri Lanka which has so many complain about being contaminated with heavy metals with the use of chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizer is developed with cow bone, citrus peel, banana peel, eggshells as well as adding dried neem leaves. Neem is added to give pest repellent behavior to the fertilizer. The developed fertilizer is added to the paddy field to identify the impact of organic fertilizer. The paddy after three weeks of the fertilizer applied start fast-growing without any pest damages.